Elise Graham

Name: Elise Graham
Education: Trinity School of Texas '07
Texas A&M, BBA, Information Systems & Marketing
Current Role: Associate Director of Admissions and Marketing at The King's College, New York City

I am so thankful for my time at Trinity and how it nurtures both personal and academic development. Trinity taught me how to think critically and communicate my ideas well, but, most importantly, Trinity taught me how to write. Whether you're in a college class or in a workplace, it's one of the most valuable skills someone can have.

What I love most about Trinity is how they instill a passion for lifelong learning. If there was ever something new I wanted to learn, a club I wanted to start, or anything else-- there was always a faculty or staff member willing to help.

(Side note: one of the best things Trinity taught me was Photoshop. I hope they are still teaching that! That is easily one of the most marketable skills to employers these days!)

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