James Eric Pruitt

James Eric Pruitt – Class of 2009

James Pruitt began Trinity as a sophomore in 2006.  He is currently employed at Google as a programmer.  His official job title is Site Reliability Engineer, and most of his work is centered on creating reliable, scalable self-healing infrastructure and automation.

James got his start in programming when he was in 5th or 6th grade.  At the time, he had an interest in simple pen and paper cryptography.  Encrypting and decrypting all but the shortest messages became tedious, so he set out to learn how to program in order to make the process less painful.  He then wrote some small programs for a few people that he sold while in middle and upper school, but his first real programming job was as a junior developer for CRM Engineering. 

After graduation, James spent his summer break earning money by writing code and learning about open source development with Google Summer of Code.  That August he left Texas to attend MIT, but he after his second semester, he decided to call it quits.  He then returned to Texas where he enrolled at LeTourneau University.  Deciding that he wanted to take a break from school, he next held a series of jobs that led him to a position as a technical support agent for a web hosting company.  Within two years, James was promoted to a software development position.  Before long he was recruited by Google where he has been employed for the last few years. 

In his spare time James enjoys traveling, exercising, and being outdoors.  He has visited many interesting places such as Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, and Ireland.  No matter where he goes, James enjoys trying local restaurants and interacting with the residents.

James has visited Trinity several times over the last few years, visiting with the students about Hour of Code, Google Cardboard (virtual reality), and programming. 

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