The Most Common Comments and Questions on Campus Tours

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting new families as they arrive on the TST campus for the first time. I love hearing the comments and questions as we tour the buildings on campus. Depending on what a parent is focused, I get comments about the seniors’ silhouettes on the walls of the Upper School Building, how lucky we are to have such a nice computer lab, how well-mannered the students are...

and as we pass through the Commons and open up the door by the Quad that reveals the rest of campus, I continually hear that the family had no idea our campus was so big. Big? Well, I guess it is big as we do have six buildings plus two small houses on campus. And, almost always, no matter what is most important to a prospective family, they comment about how nice and friendly everyone is at TST. Nice and friendly? Well, of course! That’s how we are at TST! For those of us who are at TST every day, we forget to look at our campus through the lenses of the “first-timer” who is surprised by our wonderful campus and friendly students and faculty. I am fortunate to give campus tours throughout the year to help remind me of these wonderful things so I would like to share what I hear from those who are new to the campus. I hope it will encourage those who are on campus daily to look out our campus through a “first-timer’s” eyes. For those of you who are prospective TST parents, all of us at TST invite you to see our wonderful campus and meet our friendly faculty, staff, and students.

1.      “Everyone is so friendly!”
Yes, TST is a great place to work and learn, and it shows!

2.      “I had no idea your campus was so big!”
The complex of buildings on our 20-acre campus was completed in the 1990s, thirty plus years after Trinity opened its doors in 1957. A plant manager and grounds crew along with a generous group of parent volunteers maintain the buildings and outdoor lawns. The same outstanding quality of care is reflected in the preparation and education that takes place in the classrooms. Click here to find a virtual tour of campus, but please do not miss coming to our campus in person!

3.      “What sports do you offer?”
Our competitive athletic program offers 6-man football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, baseball, tennis, and track. We have had some great successes as 2017 TAPPS Golf State Champions (girls and boys teams), 2014 TAPPS State Championship Runner Up and District Football Champions, and 2014 TAPPS Bi-District Basketball Finalists (girls and boys teams) among others. We invite families with kids of all ages to join us on the field or the court for Friday night games. You can check out our sports schedules here. In addition, our students, kindergarten and above, participate in p.e. every day! We know how important it is for kids to move throughout the day to help them accomplish more in the classroom.

4.      “Do you have a Gifted and Talented or pre-AP program?”
This question comes up time and time again. At Trinity, our teachers are not only certified in Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement training, they have been trained in differentiated instruction, making it possible to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of the highest achieving student. Teachers are also available before and after school should a student need extra help with a concept or homework. At TST, our teachers strive toward all students excelling.

5.      “How will TST prepare my child for college?”
Beginning with the youngest TST student, we instill the importance of college and beyond by congratulating our high school seniors on their college acceptances at chapel. Eighth and ninth graders take the pre-PSAT and tenth and eleventh graders take the PSAT in preparation for the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. TST’s college advisor schedules meetings with college admission counselors as well as one-on-one meetings with parents and students to navigate the college admission process. Our college advising program uses Naviance, an online college and career readiness tool where students can research colleges, create resumes, submit applications and recommendation letters, and much more.

6.      “Wow, you sure are lucky to have this computer lab!”
We certainly are! TST invests in technology so that students have access to Smart Boards in all classrooms, a traveling tech cart, virtual reality headsets, Robotics Club, Chromebooks, a 3-D printer, computer class for pre-k through grade eight, 1:1 iPads in the middle school, and BYOD in upper school.

7.      “How is religion included in the education?”
Trinity has the privilege to educate the whole child “in a joyful, spiritual environment” (excerpt from TST Mission Statement). Every TST student has chapel two times each week. In addition to those chapel services, we begin every day with prayer and expect students to exemplify Christian living; religion courses are part of the sixth and eleventh grade curriculum. Our Early Childhood and Lower School students study a Bible verse and good character each month. TST students also participate in a meaningful community service program.

8.      “What if my child has never had Spanish before?”
Never fear! We have an awesome Spanish department that helps ease new students who have never had Spanish class into our curriculum. We begin Spanish in Early Childhood and our kindergarten through 12th grade students study a Spanish speaking country to culminate in the production of an informative and creative Spanish Program every other year. In addition, there is a summer Spanish immersion trip to Costa Rica offered to middle and upper school students wanting to improve their conversational and written Spanish. Students live with Costa Rican families for two weeks while attending Spanish classes and enjoying excursions to nearby points of interest.

9.      “Do you have after school care?”
We have several options for after school care depending on your child’s age. For our Early Childhood (2 years – Pre-K) students, we offer Extended Enrichment from 11:30am – 6:00pm or Lunch Bunch from 11:30am – 12:30pm. During Extended Enrichment, students are fed, they nap, they participate in educational activities, and they spend time on the playground. Our kindergarten through 5th grade students may also enroll in Extended Enrichment, which begins at 3:00 pm and is open until 6:00 pm. They have a snack, work on homework, and play on the playground.

10.   Is it okay if we are not Episcopalians?
Included in TST’s Mission Statement and the belief of the Episcopal Church, Trinity values and embraces diversity. Imagine a classroom where everyone is the same – same backgrounds and beliefs...Now imagine that classroom where students from different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities come together to discuss a concept. The classroom discussions are decidedly more authentic, real, and interesting.

11.  “I love your school, but I am not sure I can afford tuition.”
We have a program called Indexed Tuition that might be just right for you! For families who apply and qualify, this program offers a flexible tuition to fit your family’s unique circumstances.

This is just a small glimpse into what Trinity is like. The best way to experience TST for the first time is a campus tour. Please give me a call to schedule a tour so you can see the campus, visit with faculty and staff, and observe students and teachers in action!

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