Mindful Life

Mindfulness in its core is the act of connectedness in both thinking and awareness. The mind has two functions: thinking and awareness. Often times, when the thinking function is switched on, the awareness function is turned down.
The pattern is the same for the opposite. When we are thinking we don’t engage or integrate all the senses to the experience. In fact, the mind can be so engrossed in something and not include any other senses to engagement. Just think about the act of eating.

I have taken to heart the practice of thinking and awareness in the act of eating, at least once a day. So much so, that I noticed that the word 'good' is not enough of a description to do justice to the apple I ate. This is the only word I had in mind because I was just thinking about the process of eating the apple without the awareness of what it was providing my senses. So much so, that it dawned on me that I have been devouring my daily apple, akin to how a snake unhinges its jaw to eat its prey. That isn't necessary. I am still not sure about the root cause of this behavior but I am exploring.

So I start over. I start taking smaller bites. Staying aware so that I can take in the scent of the apple, the flavor, and not have this soreness with my jaw after I ate the apple. Even the texture of the apple became memorable to me. All of a sudden, I was not a ravenous animal. In fact, the apple inspired me. This wonderful fruit naturally produced by its parent plant comes to our tables, just as they are. It is what it is. No fancy sauces. No accessories. No necessary steps to make it better. It's simply succulent, sweet, crunchy and delicious for me.

This urge of simplicity from a natural food made me look at my body similarly. My body is what it is, at this very moment. It does its best, at this moment to serve me, support me and protect me. I can fashion it stronger, I can add accessories to it to make it 'look better' but it is doing it's very best, at this time, to make me my best. So, I then stand in front of the mirror. I look at this body boldly and recognize what I would like to do better but take the time to identify what I feel is great about it. No matter what, this body is undoubtedly mine.

This act of Mindful Eating has the ability to lead me into a Mindful Life. Who knew an apple can lead me to realize self-love?

Let’s be mindful together starting with exploring our own body’s physical strength and flexibility. Join me for Yoga Practice at Trinity School of Texas:

For Administrators, Teachers and Staff:
Mondays-- 5:15 pm at the Outreach Center
Thursday—6:00 am at the Outreach Center

For Students:

PK and Lower School—3:10-3:45 pm at the Outreach Center
Middle and Upper School—4:00-4:45 pm at the Outreach Center

**Grade separation is not strict just a recommendation based on age ranges**

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