Can You Hear Me Now?

There are many reasons parents choose private schools for their children. For some it may be a safe environment. For others it may be the lure of superior academics. There are those who are committed to faith-based education, or the education provided by a particular denomination. At TST, I believe we are the answer to all of these quests.
Trinity School of Texas does offer a safe environment in which to learn, and play, and grow.  We do pay attention to students and their needs.  We do look after their safety and well-being.

TST does offer outstanding academics.  Our students are good readers, and writers, and mathematicians.  Our students are learning Spanish, and science, and social studies.  We have many promising artists. Our students are rigorously prepared for college.  They gain admittance to prestigious colleges and universities, and many earn impressive scholarships.hat toss

TST is a Christian school.  Furthermore, it is an Episcopal school, based on reason, tradition, and scripture.  Our students are learning to care for others and treat one another with respect and dignity.  They are learning they are gifted in many ways, and that with those gifts come responsibilities.

There is, however, another reason parents seek out independent schools.  That is a desire to be heard and to participate in their children’s education.  Many parents have a desire for more or better communication.  At Trinity School of Texas, we offer an opportunity for participation and communication.

George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place.”  Communication is often difficult, and what one person says is sometimes not what another hears.   An element of trust is involved in communication, as well as a spirit of cooperation.

At TST, we try to build relationships with our parents and families, relationships we hope will last for a long time.  We hope we gain trust and confidence based on our work with our students, always trying to do our best, and always being open to input and suggestion.  When that happens, there are fewer misunderstandings and people are more willing to work through communication issues.

On this subject, Emerson said, “Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying.”  We are saying we listen, and we hear, and we listen and hear best when we do it together from the common ground of wanting the best for our students and your children.

This post was written by Gary Whitwell, Trinity School of Texas’ Head of School

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