Brace Yourselves…

Congratulations on making it through high school. Here are a few things you should know about the next step in your academic career:
For those of you who have never experienced changing schools, going to college is exactly like that. Only harder. Especially if you’re not a commuter. Not only are you adjusting to new people and figuring out where your classes are, but you’re also learning to live on your own. Not entirely, of course; it’s living alone but with the training wheels on. When to do laundry and where to get food… and there’s budgeting. Budgeting is a big deal. So be ready for the sudden independence. Time management is the most valuable skill you can have as a college student. Don’t worry about fitting in. Obvious advice, but it needs to be said. As antisocial as it sounds, it’s easier to be alone in college than in high school. Get into the rhythm of your schedule before worrying about being social. SLEEP. I’m serious. Sleep so much. You need it more than you need a social life. Sleep as much as you can. Don’t stay up past midnight. Ever. And don’t you DARE take more than 16 hours a semester, you crazy little worker bee! Nobody ever survives that! But also remember that a lot of the big scholarships only last for four years. Oh, and make your Tuesdays and Thursdays busier than your Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Never take one of those 3 hour, once a week night classes if you can help it. I always got cabin fever after the first 40 minutes. There is no “college” way of writing. When I took my first college English class, I didn’t know what was expected of me. Were my papers supposed to be significantly better than they were in high school? More mature? More polished? I found out it was nothing to worry about. Teachers won’t expect anything more than what you’re coming in with. Even then, your style won’t need to change too much; what changes is the length of the essays and/or the annoyance that is citations. Of the things that I’ve gotten better at since starting college, chief among them is procrastination. You’ll be putting the “pro” in procrastination by sophomore year if you’re anything like me. Please don’t be like me. Get that stupid paper done a week early. Keep in mind that I go to LeTourneau when I say this next bit: don’t expect to find your spouse in college. Don’t even look too hard. You have too much homework to do. There is an exam pertaining to your major that you must take before graduating college. Just a heads up. This Post was written by Macaulay Murray, 5th Year Senior at LeTourneau University, English Intern for Trinity School of Texas

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