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Tuition and Affordability


Trinity School of Texas offers advantages and opportunities unique for a college-preparatory Episcopal school and it requires an investment.  We believe it is important that our families understand that their tuition payments directly support the cost of our program and in fact, that tuition fees alone are not sufficient to support the full cost of the education provided.  As such, it is important that every family contribute the maximum amount they can.

Trinity School of Texas is also determined to make a TST education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. As such, TST offers Indexed tuition which is tuition at a level that your family can afford.

A commitment to embracing diversity is an essential element of the Trinity School of Texas Graduate Portrait and our school culture. Economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families, and participation of a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school.

The school encourages families to request information about indexed tuition if they have concerns about their ability to afford tuition at the top of the range.


The cost of educating one student is actually greater than the tuition. To make up the difference, TST holds auxiliary fund-raising events; uses income from the endowment; and relies on gifts to the Annual Fund. Support for the Annual Fund starts with the faculty, staff and trustees. Their participation rate consistently holds at 100% each year--a reflection of their commitment to TST’s mission and students. Parents, grandparents, alumni, and alumni parents also contribute, and every gift helps to keep tuition as low as possible and make the school affordable to a wider range of students.

Tuition is payable in 1, 2, 10, or 12 installments. You will be asked to select your preferred payment plan when you sign your enrollment agreement.

Early Bird Reward: enroll by March 1 and receive $100 off registration fee


Registration Fee:  $250

2 – 3 yrs.  (3 days per week):

10 payments (August – May):  $442

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $2,135   (3% savings)

1 payment (July 1):  $4,192  (5% savings)


2 yrs. – Pre-K (5 days per week) Tuition:

10 payments (August – May):  $504

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $2,453  

1 payment (July 1):  $4,794   (5% savings)


Registration Fee:  $250

Grades K – 5 Tuition:

12 payments (July – June):  $210 - $831*

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $1,260 - $4,861*

1 payment (July 1):  $2,520 - $9,521*   (5% savings)


Registration Fee (Grade 6):  $250

Grade 6 Tuition:

12 payments (July – June):  $210 - $831*

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $1,260 - $4,861*

1 payment (July 1): $2,520 - $9,521*   (5% savings)

Registration Fee (Grade 7-8):  $250

Grades 7 - 8 Tuition:

12 payments (July – June):  $230 - $920*

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $1,380 - $5,365*

1 payment (July 1):  $2,760 - $10,520*   (5% savings)


Registration Fee:  $250

Grades 9 - 12 Tuition: 

12 payments (July – June):  $230 - $920*

2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1):  $1,380 - $5,365*

1 payment (July 1):  $2,760 - $10,520*   (5% savings)

*Top range tuition amount for parents who choose not to apply or do not qualify for indexed tuition



February 15th is the deadline to submit an application for Indexed Tuition including your estimated financial information and your W2s. Late submissions will jeopardize your Preliminary Indexed Tuition level which will result in a higher Preliminary Indexed Tuition level.

Application and W's
Submission Date
Preliminary Indexed Tuition Notification Sent
on or before February 15th By March 16th

Tax Return Documentation
Submission Date
Final Indexed Tuition based on VERIFIED financial information Notification Sent
on or before April 15th By May 16th

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to education expenses, TST uses FACTS as a trusted third party. We use the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment figures as the baseline for our indexed tuition determinations, taking into consideration our school's policies and the resources available for returning students as well as applicant families.

Additionally, each year we have many more qualified applicants than we do indexed tuition awards, so selection for these awards is highly competitive. In order to stretch our indexed tuition budget across the greatest number of families, we have a limited number of high percentage awards available. It’s important that you indicate the maximum contribution you can make in order to have the best opportunity for award selection.

Indexed Tuition is a separate process from the Admission process. We encourage families to apply for admission at the same time. Potential students who may qualify for Indexed Tuition must still meet our behavioral and academic standards to be admitted. TST has established grade level appropriate teacher/student ratios for each class to ensure the highest level of classroom instruction and discipline. We will accept students that meet our standards within those ratios. If we get more students at a grade level than our ratio allows, we may open additional sections. However, we will not overfill classrooms to the detriment of instruction.


Before you begin your application on the FACTS GRANT & AID website, please note:

  • All information provided to FACTS Grant & Aid is kept confidential.
  • The application is self-guided.
  • You may navigate in and out of the program allowing you to partially complete an application, and then go back at another time to complete it.
  • Online email and 24/7 helpline is provided.
  • Discuss and include the maximum amount your family can contribute.
  • The fee for the application is $30 per family.  The fee will be collected by FACTS and payment via credit card will be required to complete the application.
  • Submit the application by February 15, 2017 and upload a pdf of your W2s.
  • After completing your tax return, open your application and upload a pdf of your 2016 tax returns for federal taxes including all schedules or fax to 866-315-9264 by April 15, 2017 (Open 24 hours a day)
  • If you choose to mail your tax return, be sure to allow at least 2 weeks before April 15th for the documents to be received.  Mail to:
    • FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
    • P.O. Box 82524
    • Lincoln, NE 68501-2524



Extended Early Bird program 7:00 am- 7:30 am:

10 Payments (August - May): $46
2 Payments (July 1, Dec. 1): $230
1 Payment (July 1): $460

Early Childhood Lunch Bunch program 11:30 am - 12:30 pm:

10 Payments (August - May): $92
2 Payments (July 1, Dec. 1): $460
1 Payment (July 1): $920
Daily Rate: $5.50

Early Childhood 11:30 am - 6:00 pm 3 days per week (2 yr or 3 yr old only):

10 payments (August - May): $204
2 payments (July1, Dec. 1): $1,020
1 Payment (July 1): $2,040
Daily Rate: $25

Early Childhood 11:30 am- 6:00 pm 5 days per week:

10 payments (August - May): $250
2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1): $ 1,250
1 payment (July 1): $2,500
Daily Rate: $25

Lower School 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm:

10 payments (August - May): $160
2 payments (July 1, Dec. 1): $800
1 payment (July 1): $1,600
Daily Rate: $15


Registration Fee: $250 (non-refundable)

New Student Application Fee: $100 (non-refundable, will be applied toward registration fee with enrollment acceptance)

New Student Testing Fee: Kindergarten- $75; Grades 1-5- $100; Grades 6-12- $125

Early Childhood Fees: 
Supply- $60
Snack- $100
Facilities Use- $100
Technology- $5

Grades K- 5th Fees:
Curriculum/Supply- $150
Facilities Use-$200

Grades 6th – 8th Fees:
Facilities Use-$200

Grades 9th – 12th Fees:
Facilities Use-$250
College Prep-$50

Other Anticipated Expenses
Additional expenses associates with attending Trinity vary from student to student.  The following provides a list of other expenses.

  • Uniforms: (all grades)   (purchased on own or from PTC used uniforms)
  • Textbooks/workbooks and ebooks: (purchased on own or by TST for convenience)
Optional: Lunch on campus; Athletic team fees and trips; Field trips; After school activities, i.e. Drama, Piano lessons

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